Winter World part 2

❄️ Sharing first snow with Big Bro’!❄️

Taz and Sly enjoying this cool treat together!

Bugsy wanted nothing to do with it! 🤭🐾


Winter World

❄️ First Taste of Winter ❄️

Sly got his literal first taste of Winter with a cool experience! His first snowball!!!

He loved it!

A Peaceful World

Enjoy the quiet moments! ❤️🐾🐈🐈‍⬛

This morning after a bit of feline high jinx and terrible shenanigans, thought they better be quiet to let Mumum work in peace. 🤫🤭

First time they have slept with any contact! Guess they felt bad and wanted to make it up to melt my heart!

Success…heart beaming!🥰❣️🐾

World Feast

A family that eats together, stays together❣️🐾

We are learning to eat respectfully out of our own bowls and eating together as a family.

A Brother’s World

Brothers from another Mother
🐾❣️The Best Big Brother ever!❣️🐾

When Bugsy came into the family, Taz welcomed her and made her feel loved❣️

Now with Sly, he is as good as he was when she first came into the family❣️

We are so very lucky he has a huge heart, tons of patience and so much kindness towards his siblings.

Making a new friend is equally important when you bring a new family member into your home 🥰❣️

Our Family World Grew Today!

Future Big brother Taz went to help us see if his possible little brother would be a good addition, they liked each other from the get go!
Our new baby brother! 💕🐈

Our family grew today! We got a new baby brother! We named him Sylvester but we like to call him Sly!

Taz was very warm and welcoming just like he was when Bugsy came into our family. Bugsy is still warming up to her new little brother.

She is new at being a big sister where Taz has had lots of practice! So we have to let her take her time.

Welcome to our happy family Sly!!! 🐈💕 🐾

We will take more pictures as we get to know each other!

I really like that guy💕🐾! He is going to be an awesome big brother!
Getting to become friends slowly, sometimes patience is the best way! 💕🐾. I know you will be a remarkable big sister!

Lazy World of Summer

Taz’s favourite spot of shaded grass 🌞
Bugsy by the Pool staying cool 😎

Enjoying summer and some much needed fresh air! 🐾💖💖☀️🥰