My World Experience

I AM ME! 💖

Life is neither black or white for me!

Thank you Mom & Dad for showing me and teaching me to love others no matter how different! 💖💖💖💖. One of the reasons why I wrote my children’s book of acceptance!

I was not raised as a black child, but more in my just as proud white cultural French Canadian side of my family. I knew I was a different colour than my friends but I never saw that until a few racist people in my life reminded me that I was different.

I got opinions thrown at me from both sides from whites and blacks as I was growing up. I was not white according to the friends I had in the white community and I was not black according to those friends I knew in the black community.

I never liked the way I looked when I was younger. I didn’t have the Farrah Fawcett flip hair my friends had in high school, or the beautiful black Nubian look my other fiends had. I was just…different. I would get remarks like “yeah but you don’t look black” what was that suppose to mean? You won’t accept me because I don’t look black?

I remember getting braids when I was 18, and had my assistant manager at the grocery store I worked at say to me, “ I don’t like your hair like that it makes you look black!!”

I have experienced racial discrimination but never told anyone, pushed it aside and shrugged it off. I grew strong with every harsh word or remark.

Today I see myself as not white, not black, but a mixed woman who has finally accepted who I am and what I look like. I don’t take sides because I just don’t but I am truly proud of where I came from!!

I am Canadian, I am of mixed race, I am a proud woman and I am not bound to any labels. I AM…ME! 🥰

A World of Good!

One Pencil at a Time

You can find them at the following link,

Joanne Henry and her niece started their wonderful charity One Pencil at a Time to collect much needed school supplies for children who are unable to get their own.

Joanne was kind enough to purchase 10 copies of our World and add it to their donations for 10 kids, who will get to enjoy our story!

Preparing 10 copies with extra goodies!

Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting smiles on young faces in all that you do! Keep up the wonderful spirit of kindness and making new friends along the way!

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World of Recognition!

Thank you Speak Up Radio for this honour and recognition!


January 2021 – Speak Up Talk Radio announced the winners of 2020’s fourth quarter FIREBIRD BOOK AWARDS contest. Seventy-two winners were announced in 87 categories. One of the winning entries was from Ottawa, Canada, author Christine Monteith-Dunlop whose book titled The World of Bugsy & Taz won in the Children’s Non-FictionAuthors and publishers from around the world submitted their work to the Firebird Book Awards.

A panel of 12 judges within the writing and publishing space then read every book and independently scored each entry according to a set of standardized criteria that evaluates the quality of the writing as well as production aspects. Only entries with the highest of scores are awarded the coveted Firebird.Patricia J. Rullo, founder of the Firebird Book Awards, says, “The quality of the entries were stunning and speak to the talent out there that needs a marketing voice. At Speak Up Talk Radio, our mission is to offer radio interviews and podcasting services to help authors expand their reach. In addition to additional prizes, our winners have the opportunity to be interviewed and aired on radio stations, iHeart Radio, Pandora, as well as 50 additional online venues, giving them new ways to speak up and share their work.

Happy New Year 2021

Here’s to a healthy and happy one!!

From Bugsy, Taz & myself may your new year be a brighter one, a healthier one and a very happy one!! 🎉💖🐾