A World of new friendships

First time playing together, & Taz knows how to…make a new friend today!!! Finn is his neighbour and as of today, his new friend!!! 🥰🐾🐕🌎. That’s how it’s done!!!

Our neighbors got a new puppy a month ago, Taz & Finn have been visiting under the fence for awhile, until today! They got to play together finally and formed a new friendship! Here’s to many more playtime together! 🥰🐾

Make a new friend today!!!

A glimpse into our World

A little look into The World of Bugsy & Taz, real pictures that capture the story of a dog and a cat who not only became brother & sister but became the best of friends as well! See what 100 readers already have found out with their copies by getting yours today!

https://books.friesenpress.com/store/childrens in the non-fiction section!

“Make a new friend today!” & happy reading!

A World shared

I am so honoured and happy to have readers of all ages get their copy of the book! As of today over 100 copies of The World of Bugsy and Taz have been sold in just under 2 months! Thank you again to everyone all around the world for your awesome support!!

Reaching out to the World

I am booking dates, in the Ottawa area, for school readings ( ages: preschool, JR-K to grade 2), as well as book signings and sales! If you are interested in getting in touch with me for any of these, please message me or send me an email to theworldofbugsyandtaz@gmail.com 

Hope to see you soon!

A World of my Dreams!

All photos by Chris Dunlop  http://chris.chrissquared.ca/

Yesterday I got to do something that was not only a mix of a small amount being nervous but full of excitement and happiness! The book signing I got to do at Revera Portobello Retirement Residence https://www.reveraliving.com/retirement-living/locations/portobello was an experience I won’t ever forget!

From the moment of getting up in the morning to pack things up to get ready to go, to the unpacking of being a really good tired, was remarkable! As my wonderful husband and his camera circled around me to capture this amazing event, I felt a sheer joy of all the hard work I had put into this beautiful dream! From September of last year with the idea to the reality of signing people’s copies, both children and adult, showed me how much you need to go for your dream, not to hesitate and take the chance! I am hoping this ride lasts awhile, so that I can get The World of Bugsy and Taz and it’s story to more children and adults out there!

If you haven’t got your copy yet, please click on the link and get yours today, https://books.friesenpress.com/store/title/119734000087084657/Christine-Monteith-Dunlop-The-World-of-Bugsy-%26-Taz or if you are interested in having a reading, a signing or any kind of meet and greet, I would be more than happy to do so! For those who have got their very own book, signed or not, enjoy many a story time with it, and happy reading to all those who may treasure my dream!