Presenting a World to others: sharing a labour of love!

Getting ready to bring our World to the world of young readers! The dream of writing this story to reach out to the young ones, and tell this story to them personally is truly a dream come true and a blessing! I am proud to share this story with them, and see their expressions and reactions! After all, they are who I wrote it for and what they think about it, is what is important!

Feedback is very crucial to a writer, artist, film maker, musician, etc. I was discussing this with my cousin, who along with her husband, just released an indie film that they put a lot of work into, how with my book release and their film release, we both understood how it felt to put something you poured your heart into, and present to the world, can be a little daunting.

You want it to be successful, in a way that you see the joy it can bring to others. A work of labour and love exposed to others, is truly a step that can be both exciting and terrifying! You aren’t in it to make thousands of dollars, though it would be a perk, hahah, but in fact to touch thousands in a way you dreamed it would! Sharing something so personal is a brave step, and I am so very happy and grateful that I did just that!!

So with tomorrow’s all day reading to the primary grades I am bringing the World to, I am hoping it is a beginning that will touch many many young hearts to come!