A World of cherished memories!

What an absolutely remarkable and amazing day at Avalon Public School!!! 8 super amazing teachers and their classroom aides, & 8 Classes, over 100 awesome, inquisitive & intelligent students, 4 hours of readings, a billion questions lol, and one grateful, happy, super lucky author!!! This is one experience and memory I will cherish for the rest of my life!! Hearing yourself introduced with “ class we have a very special guest today, she is an author of a new book…” is something I never thought I would ever hear, was music to my ears! It made everything worthwhile seeing little faces so intent on listening to your story, having the grade 2-3 classes read along with me, loving the sounds of the awwwwwwwws as they experienced the pictures, hearing we love your book, you inspire me to be an author, the pictures are awesome, and we love the story, coming from young minds almost brought me to tears a few times. With thank you hugs, thank you cards, a special crown made for me by a JR-K child and I want to buy this book…I am still in absolutely awe to the day’s events unfolding! As an artist we want our audiences to be happy with what we made, and I couldn’t have had a better reception of my book in such a mass capacity! I gave out a labour of my love to have it beautifully and wonderfully received by an awesome school! Thank you again Angela MacDonald Harris with whom none of this would have happened, you made my day!!! Xoxo 🤗 🐾 🐈 🐕 🌍. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!