Joy to your World from our World!

Two of my greatest fur gifts!!!

Christmas is only 1 month away!!! Bugsy and Taz can’t wait for Santa to bring them their gifts, as they have been a good boy and girl all year…mostly hehehe!

Be sure to get your copy for your young reader in your life, so that you can share the true meaning of Christmas…loving one another, at story time!

You can click up at the top of the page any one of the online purchasing places to buy your copy today! Available through Chapters/Indigo, Amazon, FriesenPress, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, and Walmart!

A World of Support!

Always grateful to those who support me!

I am always so grateful to those who support me and help me get my name out there with The World of Bugsy & Taz!! Revera published my story within our company and the story shared among my peers makes me beam with pride!!!

It’s the little gestures that go a long way, and I am honored to work for this company for so many reasons!

Thank you again to Portobello Retirement Community and Revera!

My World keeps on spinning slowly, but it still spins!

Book sales & signing!

Yesterday we had a big Winter Bazaar sale at Portobello Retirement Community

I was lucky to have a table for selling my book and signing copies once again! I am very lucky to have a company that I also work for, support my author launch, twice!

Thank you to those at the community who are always so supportive, who help get the word out online and by word of mouth. As anyone knows, the marketing aspect of getting your book out there is hard work, but when you have others who help you in any way they can, you can get some ground covered a little easier!

If you are interested once again, in having a book signing and sale at your location, please feel free to email me!

A Positive World

Seeing the beauty in the world, the positive aspects and the grand design of the simplicity of what can be amazing, is something I strive to achieve daily! I am human like everyone else and faulter at times, but I shake it off and realign my thinking!

We get snow every year, it is where we live, and people moan and growl as soon as we see the white stuff on the ground! I am good with the snow, it is the below 40 that gets me! LOL. The first snowfall is always pretty, it covers things up ever so gently, like powdered frosting on a giant cake! When I looked out the window of my patio this morning, I didn’t grumble, I didn’t moan, I stood in awe of the design it made on the patio stones! Like a giant snowflake in my backyard, or a giant pizzelle, as my cousin observed, it was absolutely beautiful!

Italian pizzelle

I had to let Taz out to go do his duty, and was a little sad to watch him tread through the design, reminding me that beauty and appreciation only lasts for so little time, and that we must enjoy it while we can! So stop and examine life’s wonders, try and see it through a different set of eyes and appreciate it while it is here before it disappears and is gone!

simplistic beauty