Returning to a World of yesterday!

Big thank you to Principal Marcia Lynch

Today was a very emotional and surreal day for me! I got to do the first of two reading days for the children at St. Luke’s Catholic School, a school I attended 50 years ago in kindergarten through to grade 5!

The primary grades were so much fun to read to as always, with their extreme enthusiasm and allllll their amazing questions and tales! It truly is the best experience seeing my book in a child’s hand and hearing them read it along with me! Having them tell me they love the book, or, they want to be a writer or see their eyes light up at the pictures just warms my heart!

I am ready…let’s read!!

Thank you again St. Luke’s for making my day so special and I look forward to next week!

My tree 50 years later!!!

A World full circled!

Returning to my elementary school!

Up early before the sun ☀️ ! Got my lunch packed, ✔️ my apple for the teacher 🍎✔️, a few great books ✔️📚, some colouring pages ✔️, stickers ✔️ and I am ready to read and ready for all the questions ✔️✔️✔️!!! Off soon to St. Luke’s for a wonderful day to spend with new young readers and to introduce them to The World of Bugsy & Taz!!! 🐾🐾❤️👏🏼 🐕 🐈 🌎. This is the part I love the most, on hand reaction! 🥰

My World just got BIGGER!

All the dates for the book signings have been established for February!  The posters indicate date, time and place!

I will be at Indigo/Chapters, the Orleans Public Library and Wakefield Auberge.  Looking forward to the experience and I am so very grateful that this has been such an amazing ride thus far!  What a dream come true and that it always continues to amaze me!

Can’t wait to meet everyone and hope to see you there!

World of honesty

Truly what it’s all about! 🥰🐾

Truly what it’s all about! 🥰🐾. There is no critic more honest than a child, if they like your book…you’ve succeeded!

There is no greater gift to a writer than seeing someone enjoy your hard work and efforts! For me, a child who picks up my book and loves it, is the the best feeling in the world! When they find the things I put in the book that are special little Easter eggs, I know I have reached them! 🐾🥰

Returning to a past World!

50 years later!
50 years ago!!!

Exactly 50 years ago I was a kindergarten student at St. Luke Catholic School! Today I was so excited to confirm with the principal, Marcia Lynch, a reading next Thursday, January 30th, with the primary grades JK through to grade 3, and the Thursday after that, February 6th, with the junior students, grades 4-6 where I will talk to the students in these grades in their book writing course on how to write, illustrate and publish a book, getting their ideas out there! I will be there for their school diversity weeks which is perfect timing for the message that both the school and Bugsy & Taz share! Taz and Bugsy will also be a part of the school’s library for students to be able to take out whenever they want! Can’t wait to see everyone there!

What a thrill to return and give back to a school I loved and to share a dream with children who have their own dreams yet to come!