Returning to a past World!

50 years later!
50 years ago!!!

Exactly 50 years ago I was a kindergarten student at St. Luke Catholic School! Today I was so excited to confirm with the principal, Marcia Lynch, a reading next Thursday, January 30th, with the primary grades JK through to grade 3, and the Thursday after that, February 6th, with the junior students, grades 4-6 where I will talk to the students in these grades in their book writing course on how to write, illustrate and publish a book, getting their ideas out there! I will be there for their school diversity weeks which is perfect timing for the message that both the school and Bugsy & Taz share! Taz and Bugsy will also be a part of the school’s library for students to be able to take out whenever they want! Can’t wait to see everyone there!

What a thrill to return and give back to a school I loved and to share a dream with children who have their own dreams yet to come!