A World of healing!

CHEO Bear & Sylvie welcome the World of Bugsy & Taz today! 🐻🐾❤️

Donated for the love of my granddaughter, who has been taken care of so wonderfully over the past few years, as she lives with Juvenile Arthritis, and for the many children who rely on CHEO every day, thank you so very much!

Today The World of Bugsy & Taz found it’s way to CHEO Foundation and their reading program for the kids at the hospital! With the help of Bernita and Sylvie (shown here with me and CHEO Bear!) little readers in the hospital can listen to or read along with new story! Thank you CHEO for welcoming our World into yours! 🥰🐾 👩🏽‍⚕️ 👨‍⚕️ 🐻

Getting out into the World!

Book Signing Event to be announced!
Indigo Orleans – Innes Road
orleans public library
Book Signing Event to be announced!
Orleans Public Library

The Reading Program at CHEO

With the new year started, I was so excited to receive 3 very important emails that confirmed our World would be presented to a few larger groups of young readers!

The Orleans Public Library and Chapters/Indigo have confirmed hosting book signing events and meet the author! This is the beginning of wonderful things to come for my dream! I am excited to present The World of Bugsy & Taz to everyone!

The third of course being the wonderful reading program at CHEO, where our World will hopefully light up and put a smile on the faces of the children at this amazing hospital!

Looking so forward to more amazing things to come for our little World our in the big World! 🥰🐾🎉

Giving back to an amazing World!

Donating to our amazing Children’s Hospital

CHEO has been very instrumental in my granddaughter’s life with juvenile arthritis! I wanted to give back to such an amazing hospital and staff! I have been given the green light to donate a few books to the reading program there so that the CHEO children can enjoy the story through the program of volunteers to read to them! I hope they will get enjoyment out of Our World to brighten their World!