World Class!

Class Prep for Junior Grades 4-6
Okay I am ready!
Some very good questions today!
Captive audience
Steps to help!

The second part of my St. Luke’s School visit was a huge success! With the junior grades we discussed more on the publishing and marketing aspect of a book and what an author has to go through to get their book out into the world!

I had some amazing questions asked by some very interested students, making the day inspirational for me! Hearing what they thought of the story and pictures was so satisfying as they all assured me that the story was really really good! In fact, I even had some very keen students offering amazing ideas for my next book for Bugsy and Taz!

This is the feedback that I need to ensure that I hit the nail on the head with my entire thought process from start to finish, with successful results in the end!

All the students and teachers were so welcoming and so complimentary that I left the school with a huge heart filled with joy! What more could an author want but to see first hand how all their hard work has paid off and then some!

As I left the school for the day I was greeted with hugs and smiles from the primary children who remembered me being there for them the week before and as I walked to my car I felt such an immense sense of accomplishment and pride! My school had welcomed me home with open arms, open hearts and open minds!! Thank you so very much again St. Luke’s, I am truly proud of being a part of your history!