Small town World

Arrived for signing event
I love this place!
All set up!

Today was the third signing of a mini signing tour in the beautiful little town of Wakefield, Quebec! The owner of the B&B, Auberge de Mon Petit Chum, Dawn, was so very gracious to host my event!

I sold a few books, met a fellow local author whose collaboration with a few of her fellow local fellow authors wrote a book, caught up with an old friend and relaxed in this amazing town.

If you ever have the chance to stay in Wakefield, see if you can book a stay at this quaint B&B and experience it for yourself!

World Pride

James Springer, my grandfather
Porter on the CN Railway

As this is Black history month, and a valuable reason to why I wrote The World of Bugsy & Taz, I am proud of my black heritage and the life my grandfather lead as a black man in Montreal working as a porter for CN Railways

These photos are excerpts of a great documentary called “The Road Taken”, which you can find through the National Film Board of Canada, featuring some footage of my Daddy Jim!