World prediction

Just as he predicted!!

I have a little story to tell you about this picture and why it is so important to share with you!!!

Just soon after my book was published a year and a half ago, my dear supportive and cheering section brother, Greg, and I were walking around this very Indigo store looking at the children’s section and I was dreaming of a vision of my book being there with all the other wonderful children’s book author! The sales associate came up to us as we approached the front of the store and asked us if we needed help, and my brother, who has done this most of my life, in his biggest voice stated to her…” No thank you we are just checking things out because one day my sister’s book is going to be in this store …right there!!!” Anyone who knows my brother knows his booming voice carries!! I felt my cheeks turn red but I was so proud of his confidence and his belief in me to make this huge statement!!! The sales associate giggled and said, “ oh yeah, maybe one day!” My brother turned to me and laughed and said to her, “ yep she is going to be a famous author!!!” I gave him the biggest hug in the middle of that store and here I am today staring at MY BOOK in THAT store and remembering his prediction that day!! Thank you for always believing in me and supporting me little brother! ❤️🥰🐾

World Discovery

Our World amongst others!
So exciting to see!!

Today as I was walking around our mall, I walked into the Indigo bookstore that I will be doing a book signing in, March 18th and I saw this to my absolutely delight!!! Our World available at that very store, sitting there amongst the others, just waiting to be purchased by a lucky young reader!!!

I got to where I wanted to get to and now everything that comes to me now will to be the sweetest icing on the wonderful cake!!!!

I hope to see copies at other stores soon, and I am working very hard to make this happen! If you see a copy out there, please pick one up for a special young reader in your life!!!