My World reaching your World!

Reading to my little man! 🥰🐾

Today I was sitting on the couch quietly thinking about my book being read by parents to their children, whether it is an every day occurrence or a bedtime story that a child has picked out amongst the rest of their books as their favourite!

The thought of hearing a parent reading the story to their little ones, like all the stories I use to read to my sons when they were young. The stories I have read to my own grandchildren when we get together come to mind as well!

It really thrills me to imagine this happening in houses that have purchased their copy of The World Of Bugsy & Taz! To be able to hear this story being read would be so amazing! Like a song writer who hears an audience singing their words, an painter whose piece hangs on someone else’s wall to be admired, a film maker who experiences their movie being enjoyed by audience members, anyone who admires and enjoys any creators work of love, this experience for the artist is amazing!

I am so very grateful that close to 200 copies are being enjoyed throughout different parts of the world and that my story, my creation and my hard work has reached out to those children and adults alike!

What a ride this is and what a ride it will continue to be!! Thank you to those again for taking us into your World to read time and time again!