World Pride

James Springer, my grandfather
Porter on the CN Railway

As this is Black history month, and a valuable reason to why I wrote The World of Bugsy & Taz, I am proud of my black heritage and the life my grandfather lead as a black man in Montreal working as a porter for CN Railways

These photos are excerpts of a great documentary called “The Road Taken”, which you can find through the National Film Board of Canada, featuring some footage of my Daddy Jim!

What a Wonderful World!

Setting up!

What a wonderful experience!!! Yesterday’s book signing at Indigo Innes Road was a huge success, with copies sold and meeting amazing people!

The store was very welcoming, the staff were incredible and 4 hours flew by with much excitement!

I was both nervous and excited for the day but after a few minutes I settled in quite nicely and enjoyed it tremendously!

My husband, Chris, has been a tremendous support, cheering me on and letting me know how proud he was of me. This just makes the whole experience that more amazing! My brother, Greg, who has been cheering me on all my life, came by once again to make sure my day started out with a positive vibe. He was truly impressed with the whole set up and expressed how proud of his big sister he was! Having some family and friends stop by to pick up their copy was truly a deep appreciated feeling of support and gratitude! I am very blessed with a remarkable support system!

The children who bought the book fell in love with the pictures and some even read the story at the table to my delight, fell in love with the story as well. To hear a child read your story is an incredible feeling! To hear them say I really liked your story is an even greater reward! For me there is no more honest critic than a child! The adults who bought the book were impressed with the photography and the story as well immediately knowing who would enjoy the book!

All in all, with the first signing of a mini tour I have in the next month, went very well and I am ready to soak in more success as it comes! My dream just keeps growing and growing and I will enjoy every detail as it unfolds!

World of dreams around the corner!

Hey! I know that author!
It’s almost here!!! This Saturday!!!
Hello World we are coming to meet you soon!
Young readers here we come!

Two more days and the book signing is here!!!

Today I walked into Indigo and saw this at the cashes! Reality is setting in and I am on my way!! I am looking so forward to this event and proud to say I did it!!!

Hope to see you there!