Making the difference in our World

So grateful to our Children’s Hospital

I received this beautiful letter today in the mail from our very own CHEO! We are very grateful for all you do for our children who come through your doors!!!

I am especially grateful for what you have done for my own granddaughter Cassidy, and I am so very proud and honoured to be able to have done this for you and for ALL the children there!

All our children deserve a life of happiness, health and free from pain but in our world this isn’t reality. With that being said we applaud all the work you do and the relentless hours you put in to ensure every child gets a fighting chance for that kind of life!

Thank you so much again!

Getting into the Indigospirit World!

✨Getting into the Indigospirit! ✨
Front display and ready to take home!
Indigo Kids section!

Getting into the Indigospirit of things to come! I stopped by the Place D’Orleans location to see how things were and to say hi! I am so excited to see our World being displayed where you walk in at the front of the store!!! This is surreal to me but all so very amazing as this is the very spot and very table of prediction my brother proclaimed 2 years ago when my idea was in the progress of publication!

I had not yet seen an actual physical copy, where all I had in my mind was what it might look like and picturing it on a table in a beautiful bookstore! Two years later here I am, I don’t have to dream it but it IS a reality!!!

Thank you Indigo/Chapters for hosting several book signing events, Indigo Innes, Indigo Place D’Orleans and Chapters Gloucester Centre, for making a local author’s dream take flight!!! Here is to many more events such as these to help get to children everywhere and open their World to our World, showing them that no matter how different we are, we can love each other and get along with one another, just like Bugsy & Taz!

Happy reading and “Make a New Friend today!”