World Challenges


7 months passed and the book has been out for over a year and a half now. Finding new ways to promote and sell the book was becoming a bit of a challenge. I will be honest, it seemed like it probably had a good run while it lasted. The market is so saturated with children’s book authors, what do I do?


I had all these hopes and dreams of having book signings and meet the author. I had booked a few before Covid struck, that ended up being cancelled. Like most self promoting authors out there, it seemed hopeless with our beautiful little story feeling lost in the shuffle.

I was not accepting defeat, I have always accepted challenges in life that make me stronger! I had to think quickly, there had to be a way to continue sharing our story!


With a few days of deep thinking, years of having been in the field of retail/sales, I knew that where there is a will there is always a way, so I wasn’t going to give up! I was going to follow my heart and ensure continued success! How was I going to get to more young readers and get them access our World!

I have always been fortunate, things seem to come my way when I am determined! Ideas present themselves to those who refuse to give up, if you are willing to see them!


Start with signing the copies that I already have in my possession and mail them out or have people pick them up! Entice people with why your book is different and remember why you wrote the story in the first place!

Social media has been a godsend when reaching out to several groups, letting them know I have copies to be signed! Get involved with projects that go hand in hand beautifully with the story. That’s when things will begin to start rolling again!


Anyone out there feeling like they are stuck, faced with obstacles and challenges? Take your chances, your ideas and run with them! You just don’t know how far you can run unless you try!!!

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