My World Experience

I AM ME! 💖

Life is neither black or white for me!

Thank you Mom & Dad for showing me and teaching me to love others no matter how different! 💖💖💖💖. One of the reasons why I wrote my children’s book of acceptance!

I was not raised as a black child, but more in my just as proud white cultural French Canadian side of my family. I knew I was a different colour than my friends but I never saw that until a few racist people in my life reminded me that I was different.

I got opinions thrown at me from both sides from whites and blacks as I was growing up. I was not white according to the friends I had in the white community and I was not black according to those friends I knew in the black community.

I never liked the way I looked when I was younger. I didn’t have the Farrah Fawcett flip hair my friends had in high school, or the beautiful black Nubian look my other fiends had. I was just…different. I would get remarks like “yeah but you don’t look black” what was that suppose to mean? You won’t accept me because I don’t look black?

I remember getting braids when I was 18, and had my assistant manager at the grocery store I worked at say to me, “ I don’t like your hair like that it makes you look black!!”

I have experienced racial discrimination but never told anyone, pushed it aside and shrugged it off. I grew strong with every harsh word or remark.

Today I see myself as not white, not black, but a mixed woman who has finally accepted who I am and what I look like. I don’t take sides because I just don’t but I am truly proud of where I came from!!

I am Canadian, I am of mixed race, I am a proud woman and I am not bound to any labels. I AM…ME! 🥰