World through our Window

Bugsy & Sly

Bugsy showing Sly window etiquette when Mumum opens it for some fresh air!

My little pride makes me beam with pride! 🥰🌞🐾

Warm & Sunny World


As the days start getting longer and the sun gets warmer, nothing beats finding a sunny spot to lounge in! My little pride has found theirs! 🥰🌞

Our World’s Growing

🐾 Chilling with Big Sis❣️

🐾 Hanging with Big Bro❣️

Our new little brother has adjusted very nicely into his new home & family!

We are so happy and so is he!!! 🐾 ❤️❤️❤️🐾

Winter World part 2

❄️ Sharing first snow with Big Bro’!❄️

Taz and Sly enjoying this cool treat together!

Bugsy wanted nothing to do with it! 🤭🐾


Winter World

❄️ First Taste of Winter ❄️

Sly got his literal first taste of Winter with a cool experience! His first snowball!!!

He loved it!

A Peaceful World

Enjoy the quiet moments! ❤️🐾🐈🐈‍⬛

This morning after a bit of feline high jinx and terrible shenanigans, thought they better be quiet to let Mumum work in peace. 🤫🤭

First time they have slept with any contact! Guess they felt bad and wanted to make it up to melt my heart!

Success…heart beaming!🥰❣️🐾

World Feast

A family that eats together, stays together❣️🐾

We are learning to eat respectfully out of our own bowls and eating together as a family.

A Brother’s World

Brothers from another Mother
🐾❣️The Best Big Brother ever!❣️🐾

When Bugsy came into the family, Taz welcomed her and made her feel loved❣️

Now with Sly, he is as good as he was when she first came into the family❣️

We are so very lucky he has a huge heart, tons of patience and so much kindness towards his siblings.

Making a new friend is equally important when you bring a new family member into your home 🥰❣️