A World of Success!

Wow!!! That was my first initial reaction when I clicked on the publishing site https://books.friesenpress.com/store, and saw this pop up!!! Making the best sellers list 6 days after launch is a mind blowing experience! I am so grateful to those who have purchased their copy of the book, and I am hoping many more come into the World of Bugsy and Taz to experience together!

When others appreciate your hard work and efforts, you can’t help but be grateful to those who support you and help you along the way! My brother, my youngest son, my aunt in Montreal and my awesome hubby, have all been extremely amazing guiding factors that lead me to this moment!

There will be people in this life who will not always appreciate your hard work, will be unsupportive, be envious and may not like what you have done, and we have to accept those who come into our world as these forces, and use that to power us!

What matters is that YOU yourself follow your own path, the YOU yourself, believe in YOU, that YOU yourself forge ahead fearlessly, that YOU yourself take this life by the brass ring and follow your dream, be it big or small! All dreams are important!!!

The World of Bugsy and Taz was written to help teach young children in a simple way, even though someone looks different than us, that with getting over your fear through the help of kindness, the value of patience and actually getting to know someone, you just may find out you really do like that other person and that there really wasn’t anything to fear at all! It’s a story that is very close to my own heart and experiences.