It’s a small World

What an experience!! I was so excited to go to a huge family reunion on my grandfather’s and mother’s side, but was so surprised to be asked to do a book signing there as well!! It was my first taste of a public signing, with the amazing support of my awesome family, they helped me get over the jitters of doing such an event!

To see myself set up at a table ready to meet and greet my own family, whom most I had never met before, they made me feel so at ease and so comfortable that the experience was surreal and mind blowing!

Hearing myself ask who am I making it out to, and signing their copies was a pretty fantastic and wonderful feeling!

Next book signing will be at Portobello Resident Community, in Orleans! I am ready for sure now!

Photos courtesy of Chris Dunlop

Official first book signing event: A world to behold!

On September 8th, which is fitting, being a Nana myself, and as it is Grandparents Day, I will be having my very first and hopefully not my last, book signing event! It will be at Portobello Retirement Community where I will happy to sign and meet with my readers and future readers!

Hope to see you there!

A Familiar World

Believing in myself and my achievement

Okay, so you now have written your book, it’s about to be published and your publisher has done all they can do for you on their end. They have connected you to the literary world, put you in a new genre of people, as you are now an author, they have given you all the tools they can to make your experience a great one! Friesen Press has done just that for me!

They are an incredible publishing company, with 10 years of experience, to help new authors get their work out there!

Now, it’s my turn! Time to do my part in promoting and marketing my book, my brand…myself! Having worked retail most of my life, I was lucky to have this foundation, this background in totally understanding how wholesale, distribution and making some money as well works! The old adage of you have to spend money to make money holds true in any marketing area! You have to do the legwork, you have to believe in yourself, you have to believe in the product, you have to let people know you are out there!

With that being said, I was also the type of sales person who let my customers know what the product was, ensuring them that I was not pushing it upon them, yet being true to the company I worked for in selling what I believed in! This holds true to my book! I want people to know what it’s about, I want them to get the best opportunity to be able to buy it and I want to do it with grace, dignity and honesty! I have had to do a lot of social media promoting, which is a tool that I was suggested to use, to let people know when they could get the book!

As I was doing this, I felt a bit of uneasiness, as I didn’t want to seem pushy, but at the same time trusting myself to trust my sales instincts! It’s not about being self centred but about being self confident enough to put yourself out there! There will be people who will shut the door in your face, not want your product and that’s okay. It is all a part of selling, distribution and well competing in the sales world!

So with that being said, I am grateful to the people who have put time and interest in my book, my product, and supported me through all the sales and marketing hype I have had to do for myself! Your patience and understanding has been a godsend, and I am truly blessed and grateful to those who have taken interest in my product, my book…in ME!

Learning to love a whole new World!

I love this face 🥰

As long as I can remember I have had a dog in my life, and I always thought I was a “dog” person. There are those discussions often of whether someone is a dog person or a cat person and why they are passionate about being either one.

I use to be the advocate of why I was a dog person, and why I never wanted a cat! They always seemed to be stand offish to me, they were not as lovable as a dog, they climb things, they don’t do as they are told, they jump on your counter tops ( this one always grossed me out because, well you know, paws in the litter box!) and so on and so on!

My husband had cats and dogs all his life, and tried to convince me on different occasions to get a cat! I was holding firm and stuck by my decision, we were never getting a cat!

I visited a friend a few years back and watched her dog and cat get along so famously and loved one another unconditionally, and her cat was very well behaved. I thought to myself, if I could have a cat that loved our dog Taz that much, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Could I get over my reservations of owning a cat? Could I truly become a cat person???

For my husband’s birthday last year I decided to surprise him with a kitten, I figured he was right after so many discussions that we had with the pros of having a cat come into our family. How good it would be for Taz to have another family member to get close to hopefully that didn’t walk on two legs!

Well she was truly a happy surprise for my hubby and much to my surprise one to Taz as well!! I fell in love with this little bundle of fur joy instantly!

Over the next few months she became a big part of the love we had in our little family and I was smitten with her! We became very close and my husband’s birthday gift became mine, lol. To this day he says she was never mine she is your cat!

Now I can honestly say I have become a cat person and a dog person which is pretty funny considering I was so adamant about not ever wanting a cat! I use to look at other people’s cats as well, how nice you have a cat me, I am a dog person personally. Now….I see someone else’s cat and find myself falling for everyone one of those furry little faces!!

This was another part of the ideas for my book, that I too jumped to a conclusion that I was never going to give a cat a chance when in fact I learned to love them for their differences to a dog!

Now I am a proud fur parent to an amazing dog and a wonderful cat, and they gave me unconditional love and the fantastic idea for this children’s book that I came up with!

I am so happy she changed my mind about cats!!