Happy 1 year anniversary to Our World!!

Released date 1 year ago today! 💖🐾🎉

One year ago today, I was super excited to see the publication of my first book!! With so much that has happened since then, the best seller list out of the gate, over 250 copies sold to date, a few meet the author and signing promos and so many amazing supporters, I am truly lucky to have accomplished this dream in the past year!

Since we have hit a snag in our World today with the COVID virus, things slowed down to almost a halt like so many others have experienced! It has been a challenge but I am very hopeful in the future that I can continue to move forward with more greets and signings as well as more young readers discovering our beautiful message!

Be kind to one another, love others for who they are and make a new friend today!!!

Happy reading and happy anniversary! 🥂🍾🎉🐾💖 📖

World of Dreams can come true!

A dream that became reality!

A year ago I received the first proof print copy of my book, The World of Bugsy & Taz two days before it was released!!! What an exciting time it was and how thrilled I was to have made that dream and journey come true!! Thanks to FriesenPress for helping me with that!! I am still hoping down the road for some meet the author and book signing events when the world is as close to normal as it can be! Until then, we hope everyone is still staying safe & healthy! 🐾💖.

The World’s New Normal

Checking out their World

In these times of the new normal, where we try to stay safe and life has changed in so many ways, we are hoping to go out into the new normal and do some book signings and author meet & greets…safely!

As we wait patiently to do so, we hope we receive new young readers who haven’t yet seen our book to purchase it online at either, friesenpress.com, Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, Barnes & Noble and other ebook sites!

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and let’s hope that we can continue to get to a place where we can get together safely soon!!

Our World to teach!

Be kind to one another!

With so much going on with Black Lives Matter and protests, I am reminded again of why I wrote this children’s book in the first place!

With the help of Bugsy & Taz we show children that if a dog and cat can get along and be the best of friends, even though they are so very different, than so can we! Through patience and understanding these two beautiful furry souls have an amazing bond that can teach children to do the very same thing!

If you haven’t got a copy for your young reader please click on one of the links at the top of the website to where to you can purchase the book!

A World side tracked

Still available at Chapters/Indigo

I am very happy to say that my site is back up and running after suffering its own little “viral” glitch! In the world of uncertainty at this moment, with CoVid-19, we are all experiencing the interruption of normality and I am hoping everyone is remaining safe and healthy through it!

I can now continue to keep up my site, after my brilliant husband, who is a whiz on coding and that he does this for a living, I am grateful for his help in this matter! He is my vaccine to my site problem! 😝